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Living with an active, large dog can be an extraordinarily satisfactory experience. However, a large breed of dog can be ideal for countless people. Potential owners should be familiar with many different aspects, including the health problems and hopes of the lives of many large tribes of dogs. Dog Names We look at the species of eight most popular dogs and what do you want when you buy ...

Features: The Newfoundland dog breed is a strong, big dog, a great pet for the family. They were originally used as a working dog to draw wood or nuts from fishermen for loggers, this is a great haven.

Health Problems: Polar crucienets can sometimes be in the race. Due to the intensity of this type of injury, surgical intervention may be required, so proper dog insurance is important. The Newfoundland dog breed is sometimes more risky under the gastric twist. It becomes a fatal condition in which gas gets released due to the increase in gas and it can stomach up. It is mainly found in large bones with big bones.

Great charity
Features: Dog Dog Dog is a real beauty royal dog, which is 86 cm long due to large size, is a great disease. It is a gentle giant and pays time with its people.

Health Problems: Even if the dog has the benefit of its original purpose, it can be harmful to your health. Like Newfoundland, the Great Dane dog breed from the gastric torso also increases the risk of bone cancer compared to a small dog. Signs and symptoms include lameness, which if you see it in your Great Dane, it means that you have to take it immediately to your veterinarian. Funny Dog Names

Irish wolfhound
Features: The huge dog is 86 cm tall and is ideal for their traditional role of pulling men in the battle of horses. This shaggy-headed dog has the ability to make an ideal family pet for many people, due to his ability to fasten with his master and his desire to get involved in every aspect of family life.

Health Problems: Due to the size of the Irish Wolfhound breed, it suffers from bone cancer, hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. Other species which can affect this species are due to the exhaustion of heart muscles of the heart and are unable to contract properly.

Bernese Mountain Dog
Features: Bernese Mountain Dog is from Switzerland, 68 cm is very big for the traditional role of cars and cattle and is therefore ideal. With good nature and long hair, this is a welcome and enthusiastic family pet.

Health Problems: Bernese Mountain Dog is a healthy breed of dogs compared to others, but the owner should be aware of the possible conditions arising from its size. In these situations, elbow dysplasia is a degenerative disease which is sometimes caused by large breeding of dog breeds.

Characteristic: Rotavier breed is found in medium to large size. This breed came from Germany, where he moved the cartridge and cattle ride to the booth and the farmers. It is mental and physically difficult, but it requires precise training to honor its owner as a "pack leader".

Health Problems: Rotavilar is most affected by hip dysplasia dog breeds. This situation can be mildly severe. In severe cases, it is very painful and usually needs to be improved. The dog is one of the congenital heart disease species, also called octal stenosis.

Features: A cross between a St. Bernard, a Newfoundland and Pyrenees, it is no wonder that Leonberg has a size of 80 cm. Can be up to. It enjoys being close to humans, and like many other dogs, it requires exercise for about an hour every day.

Health problems: The size of Leon burgers increases the risk of pancreatitis and bone disaspections. This happens when large bones of the young dog's feet become swollen, causing the dog to move or it is very painful to walk. Like any other dog, to ensure that your dog is covered and you can spend your time with a large breed of dog, it is important to keep the right dog insurance.

Golden Retriever
Features: Designed to search, find or retrieve game shots, Gundoge Hunters are designed. It often has a trained, joyful and pleasant and balanced nature.

Health Problems: Her minor health problems are subaortale include colloquial disease (SAS), hypothyroidism, elbows dysplasia, an old eye disorders, illness and mast cell tumor. You will occasionally find osteosauro in the Golden Retriever breed. Funny Dog Names Dogs hip dysplasia (CVD II), lymphoma, skin problems and other major health problems for hemangiosarcoma. In order to find such situations in the early stages, Cardiac can recommend thyroid, hip, elbow or eye exam for routine veterinary examination.

German small hair
Characteristics: This German short-herid pointer is a great hunting dog and is 66 centimeters long. Is high He has a lot of power and strength. Ideally, it needs to run independently for more than two hours in a day.

Health Problems: A dog of this breed (CVD II), von Willebrand Disease (VWD), osteochondrosis dissecans (OCD), pancakes and chances of entropion and minor health problems, hypothyroidism, abdomen twisting, hip dysplasia in dogs such lymphedema Important problems in the form of Other problems that are sometimes found in dog breed, are ectopic, cardiopiop and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA).

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